Spain seeks to consolidate as a luxury destination for South American tourism

Spain seeks to consolidate as a luxury destination for South American tourism

Spain wants to consolidate itself as a "luxury destination" for South Americans with high purchasing power, for which the Spanish Tourism Office in Latin America is making a promotional tour for several countries, including Paraguay.

Francisco Arroyo, councilor of the entity, which covers seven countries in South America (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay), told Efe today that another of its main objectives is to transfer to these tourists that "Spain is much more "that Madrid and Barcelona, ​​unique destinations of almost 50% of South Americans.

Arroyo explained that in 2017 about 1.2 million tourists from the region visited Spain, of which 750,000 were Argentines, which "quantitatively is not a very important figure", but qualitatively have a profile that approaches the "ideal tourist" "Because" it spends more than twice the average ".

Specifically, spend about 2,300 euros in their stays in Spain, compared to the 1,100 euros left on average by international tourists, according to the data handled by Arroyo, since they "sleep more" and "demand many local products" and, , "can be distributed territorially and temporarily".

In the case of Argentina, "Spain is very present because" culturally they are closer ", in the sense that they consume cinema, series or Spanish literature and" it is a very mythical public "that" is able to go to visit the places of filming "of some series or movie.

The counselor said that, in the case of countries such as Paraguay or Bolivia, where there is not yet an "important middle class", the tourist sought is "the one who has a lot of money and travels several times a year."

For this, he proposes "a Spain of luxury destinations, where you eat very well, where there are hotels of a high level and where you can go shopping".

He insisted that the challenge is for these visitors to "discover the rest" of the European country, and indicated that once they leave Madrid and Barcelona, ​​"word of mouth works very well."

And he exemplified that one of the activities outside of those cities most chosen by the South American tourists is to make "routes for the national paradores".

He stressed that Andalusia is one of the destinations most in demand outside the big cities and that "in recent years" the northern part of the country is increasing its weight.

However, he noted that his strategy is focused on "a second trip to Europe", since in the first "enter through Spain to meet other European capitals", the main "competitors" in tourist terms of the peninsula for tourism from the South of America.

Arroyo held a training session in Asunción on Wednesday so that tourism agencies "prepare to sell an exclusive trip to Spain", because "if they do not do it, people are doing it on their own".


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