September 28, 2020

Spain, seeks against Malta to be seeded in the Euro 2020 | sports

The strong wind transformed Victoria Beach into a desert hit by the Atlantic. Two hundred meters beyond, on the other side of the asphalt, at the gates of access to the main gallery of Ramón de Carranza, a crowd stood in line to attend the training of the Red before tonight's game against Malta (20. 45, La1 ). The enthusiasm of the girl who jelly already in the stands the actions of the internationals is far from the reality through which the selection that directs Robert Moreno Ties in Norway and Sweden Last October they opened doubts in all the lines, from the goal to the attack. Also about the coach, for the first time questioned since replacing Luis Enrique. The final briefcase in the response that Moreno offered when he was questioned by the call of Adama Traoré, which was subsequently called off by injury, was that of a coach who perceives that every decision he makes is under suspicion. "It's not a whim," he said after listing that Adama played in Florida, the team in his neighborhood, at the Hospitalet, where the coach worked, and debuted in the first team of Barcelona when he attended Luis Enrique. “The overflow and imbalance of Adama is above that of others by far. He was already in the previous two prelists. I spoke with him on Sunday and he told me that he had a flat tire and that he was sorry he couldn't come. ”

Moreno is aware that his future in the national team depends on what happens in the European Championship, but not even his presence in the championship is completely assured. Federative sources do not dare to rule out that before a future intention of Luis Enrique to train again, it is not the Spaniard who ends up leading the European team. “I am not focused on renewal because it is something that does not depend on me and that I cannot control. The only thing that depends on me is to do my job as well as possible. I focus on being a better coach and a better person every day. ”

The duel with the weak Malta, beyond the fact that the three points guarantee Spain to be first in the group, not head of series – to ensure this must also win over Romania on Monday -, it will review the improvements it tries to apply Brown. “In the last two games, against Norway and Sweden, we lacked aim. We generate occasions, but we still have to generate more. This week we have emphasized working against teams that are going to retreat, as I think the matches will be against Malta and Romania. ” That work to which Moreno alludes is directly related to the denseness in the game that during long stretches appeared in Oslo and in Stockholm. Part of his indications to midfielders and strikers is not to lose patience and not to approach the ball with anxiety several players at once to not generate clusters that dull the ball circulations.

Ramos, Arabia and Barcelona

The intervention of the coach followed by the captain Sergio Ramos, who found that the journalistic interest was more in knowing their opinions on the Supercup dispute in Saudi Arabia or in the possibility that Spain plays in Barcelona than in the game itself. Regarding the latter, he said that “it is not the right time to go there, because a classic has just been suspended … but if you have to play in Barcelona, ​​then hopefully, because surely there are people who want to see the national team. As for the Super Cup in Arabia, the speech of the federative president, Luis Rubiales, followed: “The players cannot do anything about it. But Rubiales has said that we will try to make it an opportunity to change, and if so, tomorrow we will be proud to have succeeded. ”

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