May 10, 2021

Spain seals the passport to the World Cup in China | sports

Spain seals the passport to the World Cup in China | sports

The Spanish basketball team will be in the China World Cup. Suffering until the final horn, those of Scariolo They raffled the tough resistance of Ukraine (72-68), scored their eighth victory in 10 games, and, incidentally, escaped the diabolical quagmire of the FIBA ​​windows. The team of Quino Colom, Jaime Fernandez, Sebas Sáiz, Fran Vázquez and many other veterans and new recruits for the cause, completed the mission with a note.

The commendable trip to China 2019 began on November 24 last year with a victory against Montenegro in Podgorica and continued successive victories against Slovenia, Belarus and Montenegro itself to complete a first impeccable phase (6 of 6). Well equipped, the Scariolo resisted without anguish defeats in Kiev and Ankara, marked territory against Latvia with a basket miracle of Colom and, finally, certified the ticket to the World Cup to Ukraine in San Cristobal de la Laguna.

With Burgos, Zaragoza, Málaga, Madrid and Tenerife as venues; with 16 debutants and a single reinforcement nba in this journey (the one of Juancho Hernangómez, in the fifth and sixth party); with the deserving re-engagements of classics such as Fran Vázquez and Sergi Vidal and a single call with Euroleague players (Sergio Rodríguez, Oriola, Yusta, Paulí, Rabaseda and Diop); Spain escaped with solvency from the labyrinth of the windows in which Slovenia was championed, for example, European champion. Doncic will not be in China, but thanks to the talent and commitment of the prolific Spanish middle class, the Gasol brothers could be seen at the Asian event.

In Tenerife, a partial 11-2 in just three minutes – with 8 points by Jaime Fernández – served the Spanish team to condemn Ukraine to the role of pursuer throughout the afternoon. After the initial onslaught, they resisted those of Ievgen Murzin thanks to the contribution of the trident Bobrov-Herun-Kravtsov, but the blurring from the perimeter annulled his dominance in the rebound and strengthened the unstable dominance of Spain. Mixing the defensive application with phases of greater and lesser fluidity, the selection came to rest with a sufficient piggy bank (39-31). The double rudder of San Miguel and Colom almost always handled the times and the state of grace of Jaime Fernandez eased the attack but, episodically, the Ukrainians showed through the rear-view mirror.

Making the rubber and without lowering the arms, the visitors were placed at three points (40-37 first and 51-48 later) with the growing influence of Kravtsov. But, while Ukraine added a 1 of 6 from 6.75 to those heights, Spain escaped the moments of trouble with triple providential Abalde and Brizuela to dismantle the rival zone and reach the goal straight ahead (54-48). , m.30).

Ukraine did not resign, who clenched his teeth and adjusted his pulse even more with a free kick from Lypovyy. This time, Aguilar's triple did not enter and only a few steps from Bobrov avoided the first Ukrainian advantage. The defensive tension grew, the thickness and the anguish; Spanish offensive production fell to alarming levels – only four points in the first five minutes of the fourth quarter – and a triple from Bobrov put the 60-60 to 4m 55s from the end.

In the territory of fear, Sebas Sáiz became agitated and Jaime Fernández reappeared, but the straits did not allow Spain to breathe. Only a mate against Aguilar's counterattack granted a truce. And, again Aguilar, with a triple to the table, seemed to demoralize definitely Ukraine (70-62, 38 m). But a loss and an unsportsmanlike by Sebas Saiz on Lypovyy stretched the drama: 70-68, with possession for the Ukrainians and 13s ahead. Herun missed the triple to win and sealed Spain's passport to China. Since the gold in Japan, 12 years ago, the team has only missed the podium twice (2010 and 2014), with four golds, three silvers and three bronzes.

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