June 4, 2020

Spain registers 48 deaths with coronavirus in the last day, the lowest figure since the state of alarm

Spain has registered 48 people killed with coronavirus in the last 24 hours, the lowest number since the state of alarm was decreed on March 14, according to data published this Saturday afternoon by the Ministry of Health. The number of deceased people has already been less than 100 deaths a week. In total, 28,678 people have died in Spain with coronaviruses since the start of the pandemic.

The number of new infections is 361 in the last day, below those registered on Friday (446) but above the data on Thursday (344). Those 361 are cases confirmed by PCR and added to the data of the historical series, they give a total of 235,290 people infected with coronavirus.

The Ministry reports that in the last 24 hours the Community of Madrid has notified 185 cases, but only 68 are new diagnoses. And it is that several communities consolidate their PCR data every day: they assign new cases to the date on which the sample was taken or the result was issued.

In recent days, Health has shown concern over the data from Catalonia, which on Thursday did not report any new cases and on Friday, instead, reported 1,148, although only 151 corresponded to the previous day. This Saturday, the community has reported 92 cases.

Of the 235,290 people infected, 124,747 have required hospitalization, 125 in the last 24 hours. Since the start of the pandemic, 11,474 people have needed admission to an ICU, 13 in the last day.

From this Monday there will no longer be any region in phase 0: Madrid, Barcelona and all of Castilla y León will go on to phase 1, while 22 million people will advance to the second phase. The Government, in addition, has published this Saturday in the BOE an order in which remove some restrictions and provides details on de-escalation. For example, it eliminates throughout Spain the limit that established that only one adult could go for a walk with a maximum of three children. From this Monday, the “coexistence units” will be able to go for a walk together on the street and the walk may be for up to groups of ten people -maintaining the safety distance and hygiene measures- in the territories that are in phase 1 and up to fifteen people for those in phase 2.


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