Spain registers 17 deaths, the lowest figure since August, and all the communities fall from the 200 cases of incidence

The Ministry of Health has notified 17 new deaths this Friday. This is the lowest figure since August 28, when 15 deaths were recorded. Meanwhile, the incidence rate has yielded a little more than one point, to 124.34 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, thus slowing down its fall after a day in which all the autonomous communities have fallen below the threshold of 200 cases.

Day and time a la carte: the remedy to avoid having to choose between vacations or vaccines this summer

Day and time a la carte: the remedy to avoid having to choose between vacations or vaccines this summer

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This indicator rises, however, in Andalusia, Asturias, the Valencian Community, Galicia, Murcia and Navarra.

The daily report of the Ministry of Health has reported 5,482 new infections, a figure that represents a slight increase compared to this Thursday, when 5,290 new positives were detected. In total, 3,668,658 people have been infected with COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

Infections rise above all in Andalusia, which reports 1,497, Madrid, with 1,024, and Catalonia, with 1,007.

With today's deaths, the global death toll during the pandemic stands at 79,905.

Those over 80 are already fully immunized

The group of those over 80 years of age, one of the hardest hit during the pandemic, is already fully immunized in Spain. In total, there are 2,835,268 million people of this age, who have received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines against COVID-19, the necessary guideline to develop maximum immunity.

In the last 24 hours, 388,511 doses of some of the vaccines have been administered, bringing the total number of injections applied since the beginning of the process to 26,133,689. More than 18.6% of the total population already have the complete vaccination schedule (two doses with Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca or one with Janssen), 8.8 million people and more than 37% have received at least one puncture, more than 17.7 million people.

Vaccination, by age group, in each community

Percentage of the population of each age group that has received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccination or the complete schedule, out of the total population of that group

Source: Ministry of Health

Thus, vaccination in Spain is burning stages at a good pace. The communities will begin to face the immunization of those under 50 before the end of May, and there are even those that have already distributed an appointment, such as the Canary Islands, Andalusia and Castilla La-Mancha. The priority for this month was to inject at least one dose to everyone over 60, and this has happened: 94.6% of people have received a half prescription and 57.4%, the full prescription.

Once the milestone of protecting the highest risk ages has been reached, the next challenge comes right after: combining summer vacations with vaccinating young people. Spain had not faced a vacation period since last Christmas, when the serum was only put in residences and hospitals, and it was made at half gas due to insufficient planning. Experts have been warning for months that the difficulties will increase as the age of the groups decreases. But also, with the total opening of internal and external mobility, obstacles can multiply.


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