May 16, 2021

Spain receives 73.9 million tourists until October, 0.5% more

Spain receives 73.9 million tourists until October, 0.5% more

Tourism figures for the month of October have given the State Secretary of Tourism a joy. Last month, 7.6 million foreigners arrived in Spain, which represents an increase of 5% over

the same month of the previous year. After a few months, the pre-summer, which lagged in interannual declines, the tourist routine returns to Spain. In the first ten months of the year, Spain received about 73.9 million international tourists, barely 0.5% more than in the same period of 2017, while its spending increased by 2.7% to 79,921 million. euros, according to the data from surveys of Tourist Movements in Frontier (FRONTUR) and Tourist Expenditure (EGATUR), prepared by the National Institute of Statistics. Each tourist spends an average of 1,081 euros in Spain during their stay. For Isabel Oliver, it is good news, "because it means that we are receiving a higher quality tourism". Everything points to the number of tourists in 2018 will be very similar to the previous year. In the accumulated of the year the main emitting markets were the United Kingdom, with 16.7 million tourists, France, with more than 10.3 million, and Germany, also with more than 10.3 million. Among the rest of the countries of residence, it is worth mentioning the growth experienced by the United States, with an increase of more than 10%, Portugal (+ 9.7%) and Russia (+ 5.9%).

By national destinations, Catalonia was again the autonomous community that received more international visitors with more than 17.1 million (1.2% less than in 2017), followed by the Balearic Islands, with almost 13.5 million, and the Canary Islands, with more than 11.3 million. As has been usual in recent months, it also highlights the increase experienced by the Community of Madrid, which brushed the 6 million visitors, 5.3% more than in the same period of 2017.

By expense, British tourists are the ones who leave more money in Espsña (16,237 million euros), according to the Germans (10,809 million between January and October) and the French (6,756 million). The

The highest average expenditure corresponded to the citizens of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, 1,180 euros during their stay and a daily average of 154 euros.


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