May 14, 2021

Spain, qualified for the European final after winning Hungra – La Provincia

The Spanish women’s water polo team will play the final of European Championship 2020 on winning (10-11) this Thursday the host Hungary, a tight clash from start to finish that cites Spain against Russia in search of its second continental gold.

Those of Miki Oca, champions in 2014 precisely in Budapest, They will fight for gold again after a hard-earned victory in the semifinals. The good Spanish defense made the difference and always kept Spain in command, with minimal income until less than four minutes from the end they achieved a decisive 7-11.

Spain savored its third continental final early and the dangerous Keszthelyi He broke into a 0-3 run for the Hungarians. The last possession left the option of taking the semifinal to penalties, as had happened shortly before in Russia’s victory over the Netherlands, but Laura Ester avoided it over the horn.

The second ticket to the final promised a tight outcome according to the continuous exchange of goals. Oca’s squeezed in defense but found the same medicine from the hostess, sweating the goals to even need the VAR twice. The second was to confirm a 5-7 for Spain 12 minutes from the end.

The Hungarians defended themselves well

The Hungarians also defended themselves well and Spain needed three superiorities to make the first goal, with VAR through (1-1). The work of Maica García Godoy inside paid off, but playing with one more did not translate into goals. Roser Tarragó forgave the five meters but then made two goals in a row (2-3).

Laura Ester’s stops were also worth against 4-4, while Anni Espar put ahead of those of Oca. Spain began to take command of the give and take, betrayed by the post in the option to escape. The rent of two came at the start of the third quarter, but Hungary responded with two goals from Valyi to leave 7-7 with eight minutes ahead.

Oca’s stepped on the accelerator with a devastating start, but the dreaded Keszthelyi ended up appearing. The Hungarian captain pulled the car and Spain got stuck in the last attacks, entrusted to an Esther who for some reason is the best player in Europe. After the bronze of two years ago, Spain will look for a gold Sunday that was a thing of the Russians in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

Data sheet

Outcome: HUNGARY, 10 – SPAIN, 11. (4-5, at rest).

Hungary: Gangl (p), Cseho-Kovacsne (p); Szilagyi, Mate, Gurisatti (1), Valyi (2), Parkes, Illes (1), Keszthelyi-Nagy (3), Leimeter (3), Gyongyossy, Rybanska and Garda.

Spain: Esther (p), M.E. Sánchez (p); C. Espar, Bach (1), González, Crespí, A.Espar (3), Tarragó (3), Ortiz (2), Forca (1), Leitón, García (1) and Peña.

Partial: 3-3, 1-2, 3-2, 3-4.

Referees: Dervieux (FRA) and Stavridis (ALE).

Pavilion: Duna Arena in Budapest.


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