March 2, 2021

Spain overwhelms Romania and qualifies for the Eurobasket

The players of the national team celebrate the qualification for Eurobasket 2022.

The players of the national team celebrate the qualification for Eurobasket 2022.
F. Calabuig

The Spanish selection he put on his overalls this Monday to break down the loose selection of Romania in the second game of the ‘FIBA window’ in Valencia and certify, with a resounding victory (94-41) to which he polished in the final stretch of the crash, his qualification for the Eurobasket 2022 without having to wait for the third and last ‘window’ of February.

The difference in quality between both teams made soon to open a gap in the scoreboardBut, unlike what happened last Saturday in the defeat against Israel, the coach, Sergio Scariolo, pressed in the second half so that the defensive level would not drop and be able to finish with good feelings.

The match began with a succession of errors by both teams from which the Spanish team benefited by committing some less and because, first Tyson Pérez on the inside, and then Darío Brizuela on the outside, took turns to feed their score.

The entrance of Rares Uta gave some consistency to the Romanian inside game but when the game focused on the zones, the hunger of Jonathan Barreiro and the work of Nacho Llovet and Víctor Arteaga unbalanced the balance. Also on the outside, the tenacity of Francis Alonso ended up bearing fruit (45-21, m.20).

The passage through the changing rooms multiplied again the errors in the third quarter but from the bench Scariolo squeezed so that the defensive tension did not drop and that the ghosts of defeat against Israel did not appear. Despite the lack of points, Spain never lost control of the game.

The clash came completely decided in the last quarter and Romania, who had tried not to let go, lowered his arms, which made it easier for Xabi López-Arostegui to enter, accurate from the free throw line, and Quino Colom, incisive in penetrations they made the Spanish advantage grow to bring it close to forty points.

Later, the inertia of the defensive effort that the Spanish team had planted in the third quarter allowed them to take their advantage even further thanks to counterattacks and the talent of Darío Brizuela.

94 – Spain (27 + 18 + 13 + 36): Díaz (3), Brizuela (17), Beirán (6), Pérez (12), Guerrero (2) -five starters- Alonso (10), Arteaga (8), Barreiro (11), Colom (11), Llovet ( 2), López-Arostegui (9) and Rabaseda (3).

41 – Romania (12 + 9 + 12 + 8): Watson (3), Maciuca (-), Virna (2), Popa (5), Cate (1) -five owner- Baciu (-), Dragoste (5), Fometescu (-), Girbea (-), Grasu ( 4), Tohatan (13) and Uta (8).

Referees: Vojinovic (MNE), Sljivic (AUT), Zupancic (ESL). Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the qualifying phase for Eurobasket 2022 played in the second ‘FIBA window’ at the Fuente de San Luis pavilion behind closed doors due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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