Spain must have a law against trafficking "the sooner the better"

Spain must have a law against trafficking "the sooner the better"

The vice president of the Government and Minister of Equality, Carmen Calvo, has considered today that Spain should be the country that "the sooner the better" has a law against trafficking in human beings, which has been described as "the terror of terrors", because "It will dignify us all."

At the opening of the seminar "Towards a comprehensive law for victims of trafficking in human beings," Calvo recalled that this country is "particularly concerned" by this scourge, which is why "it has to react with a future law".

Calvo has acknowledged that this is a complex rule because it addresses an international problem, but has affirmed that Spain "has to give more than enough proof that we can be in the advanced space of other States and, even if necessary, lead it. "

He stressed that Spain is a country of transit and arrival of trafficking and consumption of prostitution, and is also the destination of the "second most important face", which are the "minors trafficked", including the unaccompanied who arrive "with some terrible stories" behind.

The vice president said that "sufficiently clear" diagnoses are already available, but more "legal forcefulness", more resources and a "significant increase" in citizen sensitivity are needed "to know that this is not a place where one can look for other side".

"We have to stop this because it represents stopping the toughest face of a democratic system," he remarked.


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