May 12, 2021

Spain loses with Hungary and the European one gets complicated | sports

Spain loses with Hungary and the European one gets complicated | sports

The Spanish women's handball team will access the second phase of the European Championship in France with zero points in their locker, after falling this Wednesday by 32-26 against Hungary, in a match in which the Spanish side, lacking the slightest defensive solidity , was led from the beginning to a resounding defeat.

Hungary, 32 – Spain, 26

Hungary: Kiss; Lukacs (4), Kovacs (3), Planet (8, 6p), Meszaros (1), Kovacsiscs (3) and Schatzl (5) – initial team – Biro (ps), Tovizi (-), Szalai (-), Orban (-), Palos-Bognar (1), Kazai (-), Hafra (5), Szabo (-) and Toth (2)

Spain: Castellanos; Carmen Martín (6, 3p), Mireya González (3), Alicia Fernández (2), Pena (2), Sole López (5, 1p) and Ainhoa ​​Hernández (3) -independent team- Navarro (ps), Arderius (1) ), Cesáreo (-), Jennifer Gutiérrez (-), Paula García (-), Lara González (-), Ana Isabel Martínez (-), Almudena Rodríguez (2) and Valdivia (2)

Marker every five minutes: 3-2, 5-5, 9-7, 12-8, 14-11 and 19-14 (Break) 21-15, 25-17, 28-18, 30-20, 31-23 and 32-26 ( Final)

Referees: Mosorinski and Pandzic (SRB). They excluded Tovizi (2), Planeta and Szabo for Hungary for two minutes; and Cesáreo and Paula García for Spain

Incidents: Meeting for the third and final day of Group C of the first phase of the European Championship in France played in the L'Axone de Montbeliard pavilion.

As if still anchored in the painful loss conceded last Monday against the Netherlands, the Spanish side cost him a world to get fully into the game, especially in defense, where those of Carlos Viver hardly remembered the aggressive team of the first two days.

A problem for the "warriors" who need the matches to move with the score as low as possible, around the twenty goals as Viver said before the start of the European, to increase their chances of victory.

Figure that already seemed almost a chimera with the four goals (4-2) that Spain fit in the first five minutes of play. A dynamic that almost inevitably condemned the Spanish team to defeat.

A prediction that the Spanish team seemed willing to deny with the four consecutive goals – two of Mireya González and two of Nerea Pena – with which the "warriors" managed to give in the next five minutes the return to the score (4-5).

Reaction that soon proved to be a mere mirage, since neither the effectiveness of the Spanish wings served to react to a defense, unable to contain the Hungarian players who reached clear positions of goal with astonishing ease.

An authentic sangria that ended up infecting the Spanish attack, which collapsed completely at the moment in which both Mireya González and Nerea Pena lowered their percentages in the outside launch.

No ability to score, despite Carlos Viver tried everything, rotating again and again the players of the first line, and, above all, without the necessary strength to stop the attack Magyar, the Spanish team was condemned to a very tough night.

A nightmare in which left winger Nadine Schatzl and right-back Noemi Hafra, authors of five goals each in the first half, had a leading role, which punished and in which way each defensive neglect of the Spanish team.

Goals and more goals that left Spain with a disadvantage of five goals (19-14) at the break, which was only an advance, the severe corrective that awaited the "warriors" in the second set.

And it is that if in the first period Spain was a broken toy in the hands of the Hungarian national team, in the second the thing worsened even more for the Spanish team, who only managed to score a goal in the first eight minutes of the second half .

A little offensive baggage that allowed Hungary to shoot definitively on the scoreboard, as reflected the disadvantage of ten goals (25-15) with which the "warriors" had just begun the second period.

Strong marker that did not end with the constant mistakes of the Spanish team, in which everything was inaccuracies, as reflected the two minutes with which Paula García was sanctioned by doing a wrong defense attack change.

However, Spain, who lost up to eleven goals (30-19) did not give up in his effort to make up as much as possible the scoreboard, aware that he could not squander with a blushing win all the credit won in his first two games of the tournament.

An objective that the "warriors" achieved in part by finally leaving in six goals (32-26) the final disadvantage of a Spanish team that will start next Friday against Germany the second phase of the tournament with zero points in its locker.

A problem that for Spain, which will be measured in the second phase in addition to Germany with the selections of Romania and Norway, which needs to finish as high as possible in this European to approach the pre-Olympic access to the Tokyo Games

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