Spain loses self-employed this year for the first time since 2013

SMEs and the self-employed were trying to recover from the blow of the health crisis and the confinement in 2020 when raw materials began to be scarce and an energy crisis and an inflationary spiral broke out that is drowning businesses. Many are no longer capable of facing another crisis; they cannot come out afloat in a sea of ​​costs that promise to get fatter in the coming months with the new increase in the minimum wage that the Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, is already plotting with the unions in one of the worst moments in relations with the employer's association chaired by Antonio Garamendi. Against this background, the employment and unemployment data for the month of August were released yesterday, which is confirmation that the Spanish economy is already immersed in a slowdown whose end is not in sight and has households and companies on alert and as his first victim to employment. The data compiled by the ministry led by José Luis Escrivá reflects a loss of 190,000 jobs in the eighth month of the year and marks a black August for self-employment on the calendar. From the statistics it can be deduced that so far this year Social Security has lost 961 of its self-employed members, which has happened for the first time since 2013. Today, therefore, the special regime for self-employed workers has almost a thousand fewer employed persons than at beginning of the year, the worst figure in the last 10 years, except for 2020, which due to its characteristics is not comparable. July already marked this path of loss of self-employment with the fall of 10,422 self-employed workers, to which is added the fall of 13,509 more self-employed in the eighth month of the year. Desktop code Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile code AMP code 2040 APP code «Since 2013, affiliates have never been lost in the first eight months of the year, except for 2020, the year of the pandemic and confinement. The next few months are going to have complicated moments in the affiliation of the self-employed and it leads us to say that 2022 is going to end with a loss of net affiliation, as we had already been anticipating, ”said the president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor. The also vice president of the CEOE warns that "the self-employed data is very worrying because 436 have been lost each day in August, and there are already fewer affiliates at the beginning of August than at the beginning of the year, 961. These are unequivocal data that, undoubtedly, employment It is neither going well nor will it go well in the coming months“, he warns. MORE INFORMATION news No Businessmen accuse Yolanda Díaz of "arrogance" and "lack of empathy" for supporting union mobilizations news No Sánchez tries to recover the street to come back electorally news Si Trabajo will allow each self-employed to have up to two interns in the business For all these reasons, Amor has called on the Government to generate trust and certainty and to take into account that at this time the costs of companies cannot be increased, and that taxes must be reduced and the personal income tax rate deflated. "The self-employed are not the problem, they are the solution to maintain employment in a situation that, although it is global, is very complicated for the country, for employment and for our economy," concluded the business leader.

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