July 10, 2020

Spain launches a freight corridor for Chinese medical equipment

The Government is preparing a freight corridor, which will start operating from Saturday, so that the medical supplies it has purchased in China to deal with the coronavirus pandemic arrive in Spain as soon as possible.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, announced this Wednesday at a press conference in which he specified that the Executive is launching this corridor with a consortium of Spanish companies, in a public-private participation.

It will begin operating on Saturday and “it will be extended as many times as necessary to bring material to Spain,” he said.

The minister explained that her department is supporting the Health Department, in coordination also with the Commerce and Transportation departments, to guarantee the purchase of the necessary supply of products that are not being produced in Spanish territory now.

After recalling the announcement made by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, in relation to the purchase of 432 million euros of sanitary material from China, González Laya said that throughout this day three new operations have been closed with the Asian giant.

Specifically, he said, 260,000 bottles of hydroalcoholic solution, 1,000 more respirators and 2.5 million disposable gowns have been purchased.

Likewise, purchases are being made in other countries such as Sweden, where 184 respirators have recently been purchased, or Turkey, where surgical and disposable masks have been purchased,

González Laya stressed that, as a result of this crisis, there is “a lot of activity in a market that is very complicated at the moment, a tense market, because there is a lot of demand.

However, he has assured that “in that race” Spain is making sure that it will have the material and equipment it needs so that its health personnel can attend to all people affected by coronavirus.


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