Spain joins forces with Denmark, Austria and Luxembourg against the Brussels proposal to classify investments in nuclear energy and gas as sustainable

Investments in nuclear energy and gas cannot be considered sustainable. This is what Spain says together with Denmark, Austria and Luxembourg in a letter sent to the European Commissioners with competences on the matter and made public this Thursday night, on the eve of a meeting of Environment Ministers of the European Union in Amiens (France).

The letter from the four countries is a response to the European Commission's proposal regarding the taxonomy of sustainable investments, which discriminates between which investments are sustainable and which are not. The proposal, sent by the Community Executive at 27 on New Year's Eve, is still under discussion. And in this debate the Spanish Government is moving to try to rectify it.

"Spain, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg have sent a letter to the European Commission rejecting its proposal to include gas and nuclear in the taxonomy at the same level as renewable energies", explains the Spanish Government.

"The signatories consider that neither gas nor nuclear meet the scientific and legal criteria to be considered sustainable, so that the proposal sends an incorrect signal for investment and contrary to the achievement of the European decarbonisation objectives," he adds.

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