June 21, 2021

Spain is the country with the highest mortgage tax by the EU

Spain is the country with the highest mortgage tax by the EU

Spain is the country with the highest mortgage tax in all of Europe, above France, Italy or Portugal, where this tax also exists and it is the client who pays it. However, there are other countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands in which there is not even this tax that in Spain is paid to the autonomous communities depending on the amount of the mortgage.

The amount depends on the amount of the mortgage and the autonomous community, but goes between 0.5% and 1.5% of the sale. For example, for a mortgage of 200,000 euros in Madrid, the amount amounts to 2,250 euros.

But according to a study by the idealista.com real estate portal, Spain is the country that charges more taxes for formalizing mortgages, although it is not the only one that applies a tax that, as the banking employer emphasized, always falls on the client. Focusing only on the largest countries of the European Union, there is no such tribute in Germany, the United Kingdom or the Netherlands, but France, Italy and Portugal do have a similar figure to the tax on Documented Legal Acts of Spain.

At the Portuguese case is the 'Importo do Selo', while in Italian it is the 'Imposta Sostitutiva' and in France the 'Contribution de Sécurité Immobilière', they have in common with Spain that are applied on the new loans with mortgage guarantee. However, the tax burden is much lower in any of these three countries, since in Portugal and Italy, for example, the tax is applied on the amount of the mortgage loan, while in France it is applied on an amount equivalent to 1 , 2 times the loan.

In Spain it is established on the mortgage liability, which usually supposes between 1.4 and 1.5 times the loan, and round the amount of the sale, since it includes the principal of the loan plus the interest.

And if the amount of AJD depends on the tax rate of each autonomous community, in Portugal, on the other hand, 0.6% of the mortgage is paid equally throughout the country; in Italy, 0.25% (which rises to 2% if it is a second residence) and in France, a "testimonial" 0.05%.



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