Spain is left with only one brand among the 100 most valuable in the world




Spanish brands lose positions in the world ranking of the 100 most valuable brands in the world prepared by Kantar BrandZ. National firms, like those in the rest of Europe, are penalized by the pandemic compared to American and Asian brands, which have experienced much higher growth. Thus, the only Spanish representative is Zara.

The fashion brand belonging to the Inditex group, despite last year's restrictions, has achieved maintain your brand equity compared to last year. Specifically, according to the study by Kantar Brandz, its value reaches up to 21,382 million dollars. On the other hand, it has dropped a total of 26 positions, until settling in position 83.

Inditex's flagship remains only in the world top 100, since Movistar, valued at 16,884 million dollars, has left the list. Of course, the Telefónica brand continues within the ten most valuable in the telecommunications sector, led by the American Verizon.

Amazon continues to be the most valuable brand in the world. The e-commerce company had a growth in the last year of 64%, reaching the $ 684 billion. Along with Apple, which occupies the second place, it is the only one that exceeds half a trillion dollars in value. Thus, Apple adds 612,000 million dollars, and is the brand that has grown the most in the top ten, with an increase of 74%.

The third position is occupied by Google, which surpasses Microsoft, relegated to fourth place. The Alphabet brand had a growth of 42%, reaching almost 458 billion dollars. The fifth position is obstenta Tencent, which rises two places compared to 2020.

The rest of the brands that make up the top ten places are, in order, Facebook, Alibaba, Visa, McDonald's and Mastercard. In total, the top ten brands are worth $ 3.3 trillion. “2020-21 has been a record year for brand growth, and despite many having faced a difficult year, our research has once again shown that strong brands deliver superior returns for shareholders, are more resilient and they recover more quickly ”, says Ricardo Pérez, Head of Brand Guidance in the Insights division of Kantar Spain.

Tesla grows 275%

One of the brands that threatens to sneak into the top ten in the next few years is Tesla. Elon Musk's company has been the one that has experienced the greatest growth, achieving an increase of 275%, to $ 42.6 billion. In this way, it is already the most valuable automobile.

On the other hand, and as indicated above, companies from America and China were the ones that grew the most in the last year. Thus, US brands were the fastest growing in 2021 with an increase in their average value of 46% year-on-year. The US accounts for 74% of the value of the top 100 brands. For its part, China consolidates its leadership against Europe and its brands have grown from 11% to 14% of the value of the Top 100 since 2011. European brands, on the other hand, represent 8% of the value of the ranking compared to 20% of 2011.

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