January 22, 2021

Spain is facing temperatures of up to 16 degrees below zero this morning with several provinces at “extreme risk”

The center of the country faces critical hours due to the drop in temperatures predicted after the passage of the storm Filomena. The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) it foresees for tonight historical lows, which will freeze the copious snowfalls that fell during the weekend.

The cold wave after the storm puts the vaccination process to the test in a key week

The cold wave after the storm puts the vaccination process to the test in a key week

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Red notice

There is a red warning (“extreme risk”) on the Soria plateau, where -16 degrees Celsius are expected, as well as fogs. Also in La Mancha Cuenca, where the mercury will plummet to -14 degrees; But the AEMET warns that even lower temperatures can be reached in some points in the southern half of this region. In La Mancha Albacete, also on red notice, temperatures of -12 degrees are expected.

Orange notice

In orange warning (“important risk”) is the metropolitan area of ​​Madrid, as well as abundant areas of Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha and Aragón. In all this area, the most affected by the snowfalls of the Phylomena storm, temperatures can drop below -10 degrees.

Yellow notice

Finally, in yellow notice (“risk”) is a large part of the country, including all of Extremadura, most of the territories of Andalusia, large areas of Castilla y Léon, Aragón, Catalunya Comunitat Valenciana and La Rioja, as well as territories of Galicia and Murcia. In all of them the temperatures will drop below 0 degrees, reaching -8 degrees in some places, such as the Catalan and Aragonese Pyrenees.

The snow left by the storm Filomena continues to hinder and even paralyze traffic in various parts of Spain and the cleaning tasks have worsened with the cold wave that has entered this morning, with a rather complicated situation in Madrid, which will take several days to get back to normal.

Although the situation in Madrid is complicated, the storm has affected many other parts of the Spanish geography, in which fallen trees, damaged cars or directly abandoned on the road and streets still buried by snow are still current scenes at this time.


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