February 26, 2021

Spain highlights the pact of Alcoa and the unions to unlock the sale of factories

The Spanish Minister of Industry and Commerce, Reyes Maroto, highlighted on Friday the agreement reached between the aluminum multinational Alcoa and the unions to unblock the sale of two of its three plants located in Spain to the Swiss investor Parter Capital, considering that it was "Everyone wanted."

"The unions have accepted information that Alcoa has given on the sale and that opens us a horizon of being able to work on a future project for the two Alcoa plants, a project that not only guarantees one hundred percent of the 700 jobs, but the activity of the two plants of Aviles and A Coruña for at least two years, "said Maroto.

In this regard, the minister stressed the "positive" assessment of the Government of this agreement, which reinforces its willingness to "work not only for the two Alcoa plants, but for the entire electro-intensive industry to provide a safety framework in relation to the energy price, which is what we are working on ".

"We have been in this very intense in recent days, with a team from the Ministry that has been in negotiations between both Parter and Alcoa so that they could reach an agreement on sales and guarantees," he added during his participation in the XVI Summit of the Pacific Alliance in Lima.

In any case, Maroto warned that "anyway" we still have to be cautious because "the sale has to be confirmed" and because on July 31 Parter has to provide "the guarantees that Alcoa requests".

"We are waiting and working to make it so that on August 1 the sale is completed and we can continue with the process of transmitting these workers to the new property and the continuity of so many jobs so necessary in these two regions," he concluded.

Alcoa and the unions reached this morning, after hours of negotiation, an agreement to unblock the sale of the plants of the US multinational in A Coruña and Avilés, an operation that is expected to close in coming days.

The mentioned agreement avoids the application from next Monday of a file of regulation of use (ERE), with the condition of which the buyer presents the guarantees demanded by the seller before the 1 of August.

The factories will have an "industrial and labor future" for at least 24 months, although the investor's will is to establish long-term in Spain and "go further," Raúl Blanco, senior official of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, said today. in statements to several local radio stations.

The unions finally gave the green light to the minutes of completion of the negotiations, which are considered "aware" of the process of selling both factories, despite the reluctance initially shown by the Avilés Works Committee.

This agreement allows to advance in the process of sale of the plants, which after the new extension of the term was expected to close before July 7, although it is still necessary to ensure the greater liquidity recently required by Alcoa (equivalent to about 26.7 million euros ) a Parter, which has given until the end of the month.

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