Spain has carried out about 2 million PCRs, an average of 42,000 a day

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, reported on Thursday that the autonomous communities have carried out a total of 1.9 million PCRs for the diagnosis of COVID-19, representing 42,000 tests daily and an increase of 18% in one single week.

This was announced during his appearance in the Health Commission of the Congress of Deputies in which he detailed that until May 14, the autonomous communities had notified the Ministry of Health a total of 1,919,411 diagnostic PCR tests.

To this figure we must add the performance of 1,118,429 rapid tests, so that until last Thursday a total of 3,037,840 coronavirus diagnostic tests were carried out, for which Illa wanted to thank the efforts of the autonomous communities and has It should be noted that the PCR rate carried out has grown to stand at 40.75 per thousand inhabitants.

The Minister of Health has reminded people who died of this disease and has stated that the Government will declare official mourning at the time when most of the country enters Phase 1, which he hopes will happen "in the coming days. "

He also recalled that the Government is also working so that, as soon as the appropriate public health conditions are in place, a collective tribute can be celebrated to all the victims of the epidemic.


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