Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Spain has 30.5 million WhatsApp users – La Provincia

Spain is positioned as the ninth country in the world with a greater number ofWhatsApp userswith 30.5 million in this 2019 that have entered the application from any device at least once a month, on a list led by India and that places Spain ahead of countries with greater population such as the United Kingdom.

The eMarketer research company has conducted a study that analyzes the number ofusers who accessWhatsApp through any device at least once a month, in which they have discovered that India is the country with the most people with 340 million this 2019, almost one in three users in the world.

The 'senior' analyst of eMarketer, Jasmine Enverg, states that "India has been able to accumulate such a high number of WhatsApp users in part because the platform can be used in some basic or traditional phones such as the JioPhone, popular there" . It is followed by Brazil with 99 million users and the United States with 68.1 million, and the top 8 other countries such as Indonesia (59.9 million), Mexico (57.2 million), Russia (54.1 million), Germany complete (43.9 million) and Italy (32.9 million).

Spain is in the number nine position with 30.5 million users. With a total of 46.9 million inhabitants in 2019 according to the latest INE data, Spain is the country with the lowest population in the top 10 users ofWhatsApp, and is ahead of the United Kingdom with its 27.6 million users (of 66 million inhabitants).

In the study they also wanted to highlight that they have not taken into account false or duplicate accounts. In addition, they emphasize that in the case of the United States they anticipate thatFacebook Messenger"It will be close to doubling WhatsApp users with 117.6 million against 68.1 million."

On the other hand, the study indicates that, Brazil, Argentina and India are the three countries that are in the lead in terms of the penetration of WhatsApp in smartphones, where "more than 90 percent of users of 'smartphone' in each country will use WhatsApp this year. "

In addition, they affirm that "WhatsApp will be a great contributor to the growth of the use of messaging applications worldwide"It is expected, according to their predictions, that the total number of users of messaging applications will grow by 12.1 percent this year reaching 2,520 million people, which implies that 87.1 percent of smartphone users 'in the world they will use a messaging application at least once a month in 2019.

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