Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Spain goes back to the mythical Marta

Spain goes back to the mythical Marta

Spain took the penultimate victory against Marta's all-powerful Brazil, although there is still the friendly on Tuesday against England, before the French World Championship begins to roll.

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A championship where Spain presents its credentials after its victory against Brazil, number ten of the FIFA ranking. The girls of Jorge Vilda present their candidacy because before the Brazilians they knew how to suffer, but also to show that with patience and touch, this team can do great things.

Things did not start well for the red one. Ours dominated the ball, but the Brazilians were the ones that, on the counter, created danger in the goal of Sandra Paños with the speed of Adriana and Debinha. However, it could not be other than Marta, the six times best player in the world, who put the Brazilians ahead in the 31st minute of the match. A center from the band very badly defended by Spain ended up in the head of the number "10" with a dry and very tight down shot was able to beat Paños.

The girls of Jorge Vilda tried with a tireless Jenni Hermoso up, but the goal did not come.

The first part came to an end and the second forty-five minutes were a veritable gale of the Spaniards who came out of the dressing room convinced that they could turn the scoreboard over and so they did.

Spain was the absolute owner of the ball with a great Vicky Losada who was tireless throughout the game. The goal did not come and Jorge Vilda made a double change that was vital for the resurgence of the selection: Virginia Torrecillas and Marta Corredora.

A corner rejected by the Brazilian defense ended in the boots of Jenni Hermoso who put the ball to the penalty spot and there appeared the player of Barcelona, ​​Alexia Putellas to deflect the ball and beat Barbara in the 62nd minute.

Far from lowering the arms, with the draw Spain was launched by the goal of victory that would not take long to arrive. Only seven minutes after Alexia's goal, Virginia Torrecilla took advantage of a poor clearance by the Brazilian goalkeeper to put Spain ahead.

The girls of Jorge Vilda took an important victory against Brazil that was about to tie the match at the end of the season, but there was Sandra Paños who with a great stop left the victory on Spanish soil.

Spain is already thinking about France.


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