Spain falls to Russia and also says goodbye to the 2022 World Cup

The Spanish women's basketball team has fallen this Saturday in front of Russia in their last meeting in the Eurobasket From Valencia (74-78), another very painful defeat because it left himout of the World Cup in Australia 2022 and confirms his worst performance in a major tournament in the last decade.

After losing to Belarus in the first phase and against Serbia in the quarterfinals, Spain conceded his third trip in Valencia. The consequence is that, After playing the Tokyo Olympics, he will not compete in a major international tournament again until at least 2023, when the Eurobasket of Slovenia and Israel will be held.

Despite another bitter drink, the more than 2,700 spectators gathered at La Fonteta dismissed the national team with a loud ovation. The seven consecutive medals in the last tournaments, and also this summer allows redemption with Olympic Games, where Spain will debut exactly in a month against Korea with the longed-for Alba Torrens back. If there is a moment to get up as soon as possible, this is it.

The lack of success from the Spanish perimeter, with a 6/23 in triples and the first nine failed attempts in a row, and the power of the Russian inner duo formed by Raisa Musina (20 points and 9 rebounds) and Maria Vadeeva (14 and 10) buried the host, who still thus dominated the scoreboard with 2:30 to go after a triple by Astou Ndour (64-62).

At that time, and repeating what happened against Serbia, came the local collapse and a lethal 0-9 partial in favor of the Russians, who left their ticket for the World Cup on track in the absence of 50 seconds (64-71). Although the basket of Maite Cazorla (19 points) and Leonor Rodríguez (15), the best along with Ndour (15), Russia exhibited coldness from the free kick to finish the job.

It was the cruel farewell for a team that in the first half showed that they had overcome the blow of elimination and reached a maximum income of 10 points (31-21, min.18). Before the break, that threat of escape was already history and the game passed very evenly throughout the second half.

At half-time the 'Resistiré' sounded in La Fonteta and that's what Spain had to do, but their strength was not enough against an opponent sustained for almost the entire contest by Musina. Two defensive oversights complicated the match, but Ndour resurfaced, with less wear and tear than on other days, to chain free throws, steal and triple, plays that put Spain ahead with 150 seconds to go.

The dreaded 'blackout' that the team trained by Lucas Mondelo was then repeated He had already suffered in the quarterfinals and a very tough defeat was confirmed thinking about the medium term. In the short, Spain now faces a few days of rest and reflection until July 5, when it will concentrate again with a view to the Games.

What's more, In the other match of the qualifying day for the Premundial, Bosnia was much higher than Sweden (83-62) and was left with the corresponding square. The spectacular performance of Jonquel Jones (34 points, 17 rebounds and a PIR of 51) left the Nordic team without any option and sealed the best historical performance of the Balkan team.

In February 2022 the World Cup will be held, where 16 teams will fight for the 12 places at stake: the six Europeans that come out of this Eurobasket plus four American, four Asian and two African. All of them will be framed in four groups and the first three of each group will get tickets for the World Cup in Australia, which will be played from September 22 to October 1, 2022). Spain, world runner-up in 2014 and bronze in 2010 and 2018, is already thinking about other goals.

Data sheet:

74 - Spain: Palau (2), Ouviña (8), Conde (-), Carrera (11) and Ndour (15) --initial quintet--; Cazorla (19), Domínguez (2), Casas (-), Rodríguez (15) and Gil (2).

78 - Russia: Levchenko (15), Komarova (6), Shilova (9), Musina (20) and Vadeeva (14) --initial quintet--; Kurilchuk (3), Goldyreva (-), Glonti (11), Shtanko (-) and Ogun (-)

Partial: 12-17, 16-18, 14-19 and 27-19.

Referees: Bonner (USA), Bissuel (FRA) and Zupancic (SLO). Shilova eliminated for personal fouls.

Pavilion: La Fonteta. 2,700 spectators.


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