July 27, 2021

Spain expresses concern that the European green fund is not fair

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, expressed on Monday the concern of Spain that the Fair Transition Fund presented by the European Commission to achieve neutrality of CO2 emissions in 2050 is not “fair” with the country.

“I want to send a very clear message to my European colleagues: Spain is committed to the ecological transition, Spain supports in a very clear and determined way the Green Fair Transition fund, but we are a little worried, because we see it very green but not very just for the moment, “González Laya told reporters in Brussels.

“I will make sure that my European colleagues understand that this has to be given particular attention right now,” he added upon his arrival at the first Council of EU Foreign Ministers in which he participates, which will be addressed between other topics “climate diplomacy”.

According to a proposal released last week by the European Commission, Spain can only receive 4.1% of the 7.5 billion with which the new Fair Transition Fund will be endowed; that is, some 307.4 million euros that can be used to help regions that have more difficulties for the ecological transition.

Poland will be the most benefited country, with 2,000 million euros (26.7% of the total), followed by Germany, with 876.6 million (11.7%), and Romania, with 757.1 million (10.1% ), countries that will be distributed about half of the allocation.

González Laya said that “what is sought with green diplomacy is to mobilize the efforts of all the external networks of all the countries of the European Union to promote an effort”, a “joint action in the world” in favor of the fight against climate change.

“But obviously this is an issue where there is also an internal version, because we are also building our own European mechanisms to accompany the ecological transition in Europe, which we want to be a green transition but we also want to be a fair transition,” he said. .

“And it is in this element of justice where Spain has doubts about the proposal that the European Commission has put on the table and we want to make sure that it will be really fair. For now we do not see it very well, so we will continue working,” he said. the minister.

The proposed fund will be endowed with 7.5 billion euros of the European budget for 2021-2027, which should then be complemented with contributions from the Member States: they will have to put between 1.5 and 3 euros of the cohesion funds that correspond to them for each euro that receive from the Transition Fund and also co-finance part of the beneficiary projects.

With this system, Brussels expects a total of 104,000 million euros in investments to be mobilized to help regions change their polluting industries for cleaner ones or train affected workers for new jobs.

In the case of Spain, the 307.4 million euros that correspond to it would rise to 1,397 million with the contribution in cohesion and structural funds, and up to 4,445 million with the incorporation of additional investment.


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