December 3, 2020

Spain exceeds one and a half million infections and records 435 deaths, the maximum of the second wave in one day

The Ministry of Health has registered 13,159 new cases of coronavirus this Tuesday, a decrease compared to 21,371 on Friday – on Mondays the accumulated of the entire weekend is shown. In the last 24 hours, 5,897 people have been diagnosed, which is 1,510,023 since the pandemic began.

The one that registers an increase with respect to Friday is the death box. On the last day, the health authorities have added 435 new deaths to the balance, the highest daily figure of the second wave. These bring the total number of fatalities since the pandemic began to 41,688 people. Of these, 1,247 have died in the last week.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it the worst mortality crisis in Spain since there are official records. In the country, no more than 12,000 people had died in a week until the arrival of COVID-19. Between March 23 and April 12, there were 18,000 deaths a week for 21 consecutive days. The total, 44,000 in the first wave and more than 15,000 since September, is the largest of all the data recorded in 45 years of democracy.

In Catalunya, next Monday Bars, restaurants, theaters and cinemas will partially reopen. In a first phase, it is expected that the restaurants can reopen from 06:00 in the morning to 17:00 in the afternoon and with a capacity limitation of 30% inside and on the terraces.

For its part, mobility restrictions will be maintained for several weeks, such as the prohibition to leave the municipality during the weekend, the perimeter confinement of the community and the night curfew.

These measures are extracted from the document, presented to some of the affected sectors this week and which may still be subject to retouching, which foresees a de-escalation in 4 phases, each of them lasting fifteen days, and the progress will be decided based on the epidemiological data.


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