Spain equals its championship while in the rest of Europe inequalities increase | sports

Spain equals its championship while in the rest of Europe inequalities increase | sports

Four wins in the last four days have consolidated the leadership of Barcelona in LaLiga. Still, he commands with just 37 points. Since 2006 there was nothing like the height of the day 17. Then the first was Sevilla and the competition was won by Real Madrid, who had 32 points, after adding 76. A year ago Barcelona was also first, but with eight more points than now. The Spanish league is equal and marks a trend that differs from the rest of the great European championships, where the leaders rule with an arm of iron.

Percentage of leaders' points


Between 2009 and 2013 Spain peaked in terms of the score of their champions, but also in inequality. Those tournaments were won with 87, 99, 96, 100 and 100 points. Just the hundred is the score that Barcelona would get now if he won the 21 days left to play. It does not seem likely. In that five years it was necessary to add an average of almost 85% of the points to ensure the championship. Between 2014 and 2018 that demand fell to less than 81%. Currently, 72% is sufficient to be above all others.

It is not a common tendency to the main European leagues, which travel the opposite way to the Spanish one. In Germany the last major campaigns of Bayern raised the ratio of the champion between the last two decades from 75% to almost 83%. Now it is Borussia Dortmund who leads the Bundesliga with one point more than the Bavarians last season. After losing the only game a week so far this season, the club of the Ruhr exceeds Bayern by six points and leaves Borussia Mönchengladbach to nine.

The mandate of Juventus in Italy is still more exaggerated, on the way to its eighth scudetto consecutive without anyone coughing. In the Serie A at the beginning of this decade the champion was left by the way more than 25% of the points for which litigated. Now, in 18 days, the team of Cristiano Ronaldo has 16 wins and two draws, as a result of a slip at home against Genoa and another against Atalanta. He has added 92.6% of the points. Neither does it hurt to Naples, that with 80% is eight points behind the leader and eight above the third classified, Inter. The distances in Italy are such that, without reaching the halfway point of the championship, Fiorentina is in European position with almost half the points that Juventus (25 and 49, respectively).

In France the dictation of Paris Saint-Germain on its persecutors is still greater. Between 2009 and 2013 the top gala category had a different champion each year (Girondins, Marseille, Lille, Montepellier and PSG) and among the twenty European leagues with the highest coefficient Uefa, only the Polish, the Swedish and the Austrian required less points percentage to the winner. But it was fair in the 2012-13 campaign when the Qatari capital came to control in its entirety the Parisian club. And 70% of precise points to win during the penultimate five years went to 81.5% last season. The Christmas break has reached the PSG with better numbers, 47 points out of 51 possible, just two draws and 15 wins and an advantage of fourteen points and two matches less than the second classified, Lille. Everything indicates that they will be champions before spring arrives.

In Spain, the middle class explains the reduction in inequalities because the distribution of income on television has become more equitable. But what happens in the Premier, where the differences for that concept are minor, suggests that there are more conditioning factors. Last season Manchester City broke records to reach the hundred points with the longest distance (19) over the second classified. After playing 18 games he had 52. In the current year he leads Liverpool and is four points away from that level. In his pulse with the team of Guardiola everything points to the fact that it will be necessary to add 80% of the points to raise the title when for example at the end of the nineties it was enough to be below 70%.

The warm start of the campaign of the big ones in Spain makes the demand to be first and the distances in the head smaller. Barcelona have not won in six of their 17 games; Atlético have a shot at the Catalans despite having won in just two of their eight trips and after singing five of their nine victories by the minimum. Betis, sixth, is at the same points (11) of the head as Chelsea or Arsenal in the Premier. Just between the best leagues of continent, the Russian is more equal, with the top five classified by just six points.

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