Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Spain earns 20 euros per second for weapons for war in Yemen, according to NGO

Spain earns 20 euros per second for weapons for war in Yemen, according to NGO

Spain enters 20 euros per second for the sale of arms to the Saudi coalition that bombs Yemen, a conflict that in four years has claimed the lives of more than 60,000 people, one every 25 minutes, becoming "the largest humanitarian catastrophe currently created for the human being. "

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This is what the organizations Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Oxfam International, FundiPau and Save the Children have said in the campaign # ElContadorDeLaVergüenza that asks the Government and the political parties that compete in the elections for Spain to suspend arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates United to stop that victim counter.

The counter, located in front of the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, records two figures: the amount for sale of arms authorized by Spain to the Saudi coalition that exceeds two billion euros and the number of deaths by bombings 60,218, one person every 25 minutes .

"Today marks four years since the beginning of the bombings by the armed conflict in Yemen and we want to place this counter to shame to show the figures of the magnitude of this barbarism," said the campaign coordinator, Alberto Estévez, who has He recalled that the United Nations has demanded an end to the sale of arms that the Saudi coalition has used against the civilian population.

In this regard, he added that "it can not be that Spain is put on profile in this issue, it has been selling weapons for four years and the data is chilling: for a second we are seeing that Spain has authorized the sale of arms worth 20 euros and That means that in the scarce half hour that a person dies in the Yemen conflict, Spain has made cash for more than 30,000 euros. "

"Spain can not be an accomplice to the war crimes that are being committed in Yemen," insisted the spokesman of the NGO alliance, who has asserted that "any measure that seeks to alleviate the conflict must pass by stopping the sale of weapons for stop the war. "

In this regard, he insisted that "until the countries that supply arms, which are the United States, the United Kingdom and France, together with Spain and others, do not suspend the sale of arms and do not pressure the parties in conflict, it will be very difficult that there is a solution ".

The NGOs have denounced that the attacks of the Saudi coalition and the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the area have caused that 80 percent of Yemen's population depends on humanitarian aid, "after the more than 19,000 bombings registered in Yemen. the four years of conflict.


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