Spain doubles US crude oil imports, which already exceed 6% of the total




Spain imported 350,000 tons of oil from the United States in October, which means doubling the figures for the previous months, in addition to setting a historical record since the first shipment of US arrived in our country in April 2016.

Those 350,000 tons represent 6.2% of the total (5,682 million tons), according to Cores data, so they place the United States in seventh place in countries that supply oil to Spain. The first, for the third consecutive month, is Nigeria (17% of the total), followed by Mexico (14%), Libya (12.8%), Saudi Arabia (12.3%), Iraq (8.7%) and Kazakhstan (6.4%).

United States, the world's first crude oil producer (15.3 million barrels / day) has been ahead of other historic oil suppliers to Spain, such as Brazil and Venezuela (3.3% of the total each) and Norway (3.2%).

Note the decline in crudes from Iraq (46.4%), up to 284,000 tons.

Africa (43.2%) remains the main supply zone, increasing its imports by 14.2% year-on-year.

Imports of crude oil to Spain (5,682 million tons) represent a year-on-year decrease of 6.2%. The annual accumulated also falls by 1.3%.

In October they were imported 32 types of crude oil from 17 countries.

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