Spain demonstrates its ability to lead the European military force in the first half of 2019

Spain demonstrates its ability to lead the European military force in the first half of 2019

The city of Postero will vote in a referendum if it wants to belong to Pecuria or Nusia, two countries of the Eiba region, but UN observers in charge of monitoring the clean-up of the electoral process have been kidnapped and the Spanish military must take charge of their release and appease the local population.

With this exercise simulated in the maneuver field of San Gregorio (Zaragoza), the Spanish Armed Forces are this week demonstrating their capabilities to lead the Rapid Action Force of the European Union in the first half of 2019.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, attended on Monday this demonstration by the 4th Tercio de la Legión 'Alejandro Farnesio' accompanied by a score of deputies and senators from the Defense Commissions of the Cortes Generales, headed by their presidents, José María Barreda and Gabino Puche.

Robles has framed the exercise 'Quick Lion' as one of the most important trainings for the Spanish Armed Forces as a partner of the European Union in a context in which, led by France and Germany, is developing the possibility of setting up an army European.

The minister stressed that Spain is one of the four countries of the EU that has the most potential "from the military point of view and in the face of a common security policy" and has praised the preparation of the Spanish Armed Forces and their commitment " firm and unequivocal "with European defense.


These 'Battle Group' of the EU are considered the "embryo" of that European army advocated by France and Germany. "It is already the European army, and the Spanish Armed Forces are prepared to lead any peacekeeping operation or any other operation in the European Union and in other territories," stressed Robles.

The 'Quick Lion' exercise, which will conclude on the 30th, will serve to certify the Headquarters of the Castillejos Division as a combined joint command and control unit of the European Union Rapid Response Force, which Spain will lead during the first half of the year. of 2019.

In total, 2,500 troops from the Army have participated, in addition to personnel belonging to the rest of the Armies, the Military Emergency Unit and the Civil Guard, along with the Portuguese and Italian military.


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