Spain concentrates on Las Canteras with Pablo Pérez from Majorero

Pablo Pérez González.  |  |  LP / DLP

Pablo Pérez González. | | LP / DLP

Spain has chosen Las Canteras beach to celebrate a technical ‘stage’ from the 27th to the 31st of this month. The national team, which has won the European Championship four times and the Euroleague five times, opts for the capital’s beach due to the benign weather conditions of this time.

The RFEF expedition, made up of a score of players and the coaching staff, stays in the capital of Gran Canaria between January 27 and 31, planning to carry out a double training session during the days of stay.

The players summoned for the Gran Canaria event, among which is the Majorero Pablo Pérez González, are the following: Adrián Frutos García, José Manuel Arias Castillo, Llorenc Gómez León, Eduard Suárez Molina, Antonio Riguard Fernández, José Carlos Caballero Carrillo, Francisco Jesús Donaire López, Miguel Ángel Berruezo Iraigo, Antonio Mayor Hernández, Fernando Guisado Pérez, Juan Manuel Mateo Masso, Francisco Mejías Noya, Javier Torres Medina, Miguel Ángel Santiso Mosquera, the Majorero Pablo Pérez González, José Cintas Caro, Pablo López Molina, Pedro García Paredes, Salvador Ardil and Domingo Cabrera.

During their stay in Gran Canaria, the national team, also known as the ‘red bulls’, stays at the Cristina Las Palmas hotel. This year Spain faces the World Cup in Russia and a new edition of the European League. Christian Méndez is a loyal admirer of the class and technique of the majorero Pablo Pérez.


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