May 14, 2021

Spain becomes part of the Center for the Integration of the Mediterranean

With its integration, which has taken place in Marseille, where the WCC is based, Spain comes to join other member countries such as Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia, as well as various authorities local and regional with the World Bank, which assumes its management, and the European Investment Bank. The European External Action Service participates as an observer.

“We are very proud to receive Spain as a new member of the WCC,” said its director, Spain’s Blanca Moreno-Dodson, in a statement. “Turning our close collaboration with Spain into official membership means starting a new stage where a stronger and more inclusive WCC can have Spanish experience and influence,” he stressed.

According to the head of the WCC, the extension of regional cooperation in the Mediterranean is essential “especially, at the present time when common challenges such as climate change or clandestine emigration require joint actions.”

The WCC seeks to influence decision-making and establish links between the two Mediterranean shores through its activities to exchange experiences and knowledge, support for capacity building, analytical work and technical dialogues at the highest level. The ultimate goal, he explained in his note, is to promote stability and progress in a region that is decisive for the rest of the world.


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