Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Spain beats Brazil two months after the World Cup

España vence a Brasil a dos meses del Mundial

The Spanish selection absolute Women's Football has been imposed on Brazilian 2-1 in a match friendly who have dominated most of the time, but who started winning the cariocas. The rain was not an impediment for the Extremaduran public, adorned with red flags, to fill the bleachers of the Vicente Sanz stadium, conditioned for the occasion with two extra tiers in the funds.

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Applause for both teams in each of their steps before the two Martas, captains of both sets, raffle the field and throw the ball to roll. Those of Jorge Vilda they started having control of the ball during the early stages of the game, although it would be the Brazilian Geyse who had the first clear chance of the game, with one committed by left wing, which ended with a left-footed shot that crashed on the side of the goal defended by Sandra Cloth.

It is the first victory of Spain against Brazil

Brazil became strong and Debinha was done with a long ball that crossed in front of the Spanish defense, but Geyse did not get to finish. When you reached the equator of the first half, Amanda he threw himself into the national team and Spain enjoyed his best minutes and chances.

First a ball from the Atlético de Madrid player was received Beautiful Jenni and, after a masterful cut he arms his right leg, but the ball stopped him Barbara. Later it would be Mariona who received a long ball of Mapi León, but he fell asleep and the Brazilian defense repelled the occasion. But when Spain was playing better, Joyce put a center to the heart of the area that the Spanish defense was not able to clear but the Brazilian captain with a magnificent header put the ball where it did not reach Sandra and made the 0-1.

Alexia and Virginia turned Marta's goal

The Spaniards did not lose face to the match and, pushed by the fans from Extremadura, they enjoyed chances to tie the game, but the team signaled the end of the first half and the scoreboard continued to show the advantage by the minimum for those of Oswaldo Álvarez. The second half started and Geyse went back to making the first occasion. The Brazilian cut inside the area and made a left-footed shot that went over the goal of Sandra Paños.

Spain rearmed and put a further march, aware of the disadvantage on the scoreboard. So much that, in minute 17, Jenni Hermoso put a center to the center of the area that with difficulties Alexia Putellas It fit into the bottom of the Brazilian goal. Little time passed since the home crowd had called the equalizer when Mapi León hung a foul from the left wing and, after a first rejection of the defense canarinha, Virginia Torrecilla I was able to put the ball in the bottom of the goal of the Brazilian goalkeeper.

They were the central minutes of the second half and the game was put face to Jorge Vilda that, except in some explosive against the Brazilians, enjoyed the monopoly of the chances until the end of the game. But there would still be time for Brazil to put the Spanish team on the ropes in a foul thrown by Andressa that forced Sandra Paños to work hard. In the end, a 2-1 for those of Jorge Vilda that gives the first victory to Spain against Brazil and that leaves very good sensations. Next Tuesday, the Spaniards will face England as visitors.

Data sheet

Spain, 2 - Brazil, 1

Spain: Sandra Cloths; Mapi León, Irene Paredes, Andrea Pereira, Marta Torrejón (Marta Corredera, min 58); Alexia Putellas (Irene Guerrero, min 84), Amanda Sampedro (Esther González, min 76), Silvia Meseguer (Virginia Torrecilla, min.13), Vicky Losada; Jenni Hermoso, Mariona Caldentey (Olga García, min 84).

Brazil: Barbara; Santos (Poliana, min 76), Erika, Monica, Joyce (Andressa, min 66); Marta, Formiga, Thaisa (Luana Paixao, min 45), Adriana (Jucinara, min 66); Geyse (Raquel, min 76), Debinha (Darlene, min 45).

Goals: 0-1, min. 31: Marta; 1-1, min. 62: Alexia Putellas; 2-1, min. 68: Virginia Torrecilla.

Referee: Zulema González González (Spain). He admonished local player Irene Paredes and visitors Formiga and Andressa.

Incidents: Encounter disputed in the Vicente Sanz stadium, of Don Benito, before 4,800 spectators

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