June 18, 2021

Spain awaits more details on the proposal to use the ESM without conditionality to finance policies

Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the EU and Cooperation have indicated that it is still early to assess the proposal, because the details of what that use of the ESM would be like, which would be quite innovative, are not yet known.

The sources have indicated that the mechanism would be aligned with the Spanish positions if it fulfilled the function of mutualizing an important part of the risk that the measures to face the crisis will entail. In any case, Spain is open to other solutions being proposed between now and the next Eurogroup meeting, on the 7th.

Thus, the sources have stressed that the Spanish Government appreciates the proposal for an anti-unemployment fund because, in fact, it has been working for two years on having some type of European unemployment assistance, but that it wants additional measures to mutualize the risk to when it comes to funding policies that can lift the EU out of the crisis into which the epidemic will plunge it.


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