July 27, 2021

Spain, at the top as Europe's first country in selfis – La Provincia

Spain is the country of Europe in which the mobile phone users become more self-portraits with their devices during 2019, and the Spanish have made a average of 728 selfies during the last year.

This follows from a study 'Capture the extraordinary' conducted by the mobile phone brand Honor, which has analyzed through a survey at European level the latest trends in photography from mobile devices.

85% of Europeans admit that they perform more photos of themselves than a few years agoSpain being the country in which more selfies are captured, with an average of 728 a year, followed by Italia (718), Germany (588), France (562), Netherlands (520) and United Kingdom (468).

The study also highlights that Spain is a leader in terms of fashion '#NoFilter', with 73% of the population joining the movement and uploading photos without filters to show a more authentic version of themselves. It is closely followed by Italy (71 percent) and France (68 percent).

The tendency of self-portraits continues to rise and, as reflected in the Honor study, in 2019 the highest figure of the decade has taken place, with a European average of 597 selfies per year. Almost half of the selfies that Europeans take with their 'smartphones' (45 percent) are with friends and family.

When deciding whether a self meets the requirements or not, the average European decision time is 11 seconds, something that amounts to 26 seconds when it comes to sharing it on social networks.

As for the type of photographs, in 2019 in Europe the most frequent have been the post training selfies, with pets, enjoying everyday moments as a couple or just up. In addition, young Europeans prefer to take selfies with natural landscapes in the background (62 percent) rather than in nightclubs (16 percent).

As for the age of the users, young people between 16 and 29 years old they take 16% more photos on their 'smartphones' than those over 30. More than a third of Europeans (35 percent) dare to say that they could only communicate with images in the future, as the study concludes.

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