May 12, 2021

Spain, at the tail of Europe in attracting and retaining talent

España se sitúa en el puesto 31 de 63


Spain offers a high quality of life, a powerful health system and a good remuneration for qualified managers. And, however, has more difficulties attracting and retaining talent than countries like Cyprus, Taiwan and Slovenia. This is shown by the ranking of world talent 2018, published by the IMD business school, which places Spain as the thirty-first country with the most talent that it develops and attracts. A discrete position if one takes into account that the index analyzes 63 countries.

In comparison with the rest of Europe, our country only beats Italy, Greece and some Eastern States of the continent. The ranking, which evaluates the investment and development, the attractiveness and the preparation of each country, is led by Switzerland, Denmark and Norway, which reaches the third position thanks to higher public spending on education. Canada stands as the only non-EU country that falls into the top ten positions. At the opposite extreme, Mexico, Mongolia and Venezuela close the index.

The business school justifies this order by highlighting the "outstanding" educational system of the countries of the Old Continent, a circumstance that allows them "to develop local talent while attracting highly qualified foreign professionals, of which many European companies depend for their operations »

Spain, for its part, remains in the middle of the ranking despite improving one position compared to last year's index. And, according to IMD, the country shows significant weaknesses in terms of the growth of the workforce and language skills. Sections in which it occupies positions 53 and 52, respectively. There is also an important handicap in investment and development, where our country is established in the thirty-sixth position of the index after falling six places compared to last year and ten compared to 2014. In addition, there is a lack of training programs (position 55) and there is a significant shortage of employee training (post 58), factors that weigh the position of Spain.

On the other hand, our country is improving again in the "Preparation" section, which evaluates the university and business training of each economy and its capacity to attract high foreign positions. In addition, it stands out for its quality of life and the high remuneration of managers, factors that allow Spain to remain in 25th place in the section referring to "attractiveness" to work in the countries analyzed.

The director of the center of global competitiveness of the IMD, Arturo Bris, points out in the aforementioned report the need to encourage "a skilled workforce is crucial to strengthen competitiveness, especially in the current context of dynamism, where artificial intelligence, Robotics and other technologies redefine the challenges "that society must face.


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