Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Spain asks Ryanair to guarantee connectivity with the Canary Islands – La Provincia

The Spanish Government will askRyanairan action plan of how it intends to guarantee the connectivity of the Canary Islands, after the closure of the bases of Tenerife Sur, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote planned by the company for next January 8. This has been explained by the Minister of Industry, Commerce andtourismin functions,Reyes Maroto.

At the time of announcing its decision to close these three Canarian bases and that of Girona, the Irish low-cost airline transmitted that it will only change the way of managing its operations with the Canary archipelago, something that supposes that it will guarantee its connectivity, Maroto said Wednesday.

Although Ryanair transmitted this message that the closure of the aforementioned bases, in any case, was not going to affect connectivity, "it is something that we have to guarantee," explained the acting minister to Efe at the twenty-third General Assembly of theWorld Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The company "has to present an action plan, we need guarantees, we cannot leave the Islands without the necessary connectivity so that the tourist and also the resident can travel as he is doing so far," Maroto added.

According to the head of Tourism, the important thing is that, when the base closure occurs, if it occurs, "we have to see the facts."

Ryanair's announcement "is clear" but "we have to see how he manages itand, therefore, if it finally occurs, we have to guarantee connectivity and that will lead us to develop a roadmap on which we are working, "he said.

Cabin crew (TCP) and Ryanair pilots have mobilized against the decision of the airline, since, according to the USO, Sitcpla and Sepla unions, the loss of more than 500 jobs is lost.

The unions of TCP, USO and Sitcpla, have convenedten days of work stoppages, of which four have already been carried out, while that of Sepla pilots, five, from next September 19, of which four will coincide with those of the crew.

Ryanair has explained that the closure of the winter bases with losses in the Canary Islands is due to the delay in the delivery of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft, and has insisted on several occasions that the decision will not be reversed, "no matter how many failed strikes and meaningless be carried out. "

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