April 22, 2021

Spain and Morocco will build a third electric interconnection under the Strait

Spain and Morocco will build a third electric interconnection under the Strait


Spain and Morocco have signed a memorandum of understanding to build a third electric interconnection cable between both countries. The agreement entrusts Red Eléctrica de España (REE) and its Moroccan counterpart ONEE with the study and analysis of the project, whose commissioning should be ready before 2026.

The Remo project, which is how the interconnection between Spain and Morocco is known, started in 1997 with the installation of the first electric line and ended with the commissioning of the second line, in June 2006.

To that memorandum, signed in the framework of the visit that the Kings of Spain have made to the neighboring country, a second collaboration agreement has been added to establish a strategic partnership in the field of energy, whose objectives will be focused on the integration of energy networks and markets, the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency. The achievement of these objectives will contribute to the transformation of the electricity scenario, necessary for the energy transition, as reported by REE.

According to the technical studies carried out by Red Eléctrica de España, this link would be analogous to those currently in service, 400 kilovolts in alternating current with a technical capacity of 700 MW each; and the commercial capacity, which must be measured as a whole, would amount to 1,500 MW, since it is necessary to subtract from the order of 600 MW of support margin. As regards the investment, this would amount to some 150 million euros, of which 75 million correspond to Spain.

This interconnection could produce additional income for the Spanish electricity system of around 140 million euros, derived from tolls and congestion rents, since an auction system for the management of exchange capacity could be implemented, as exists with France and Portugal.

The construction of this third link between Spain and Morocco is the natural reinforcement that the energy transition is demanding for connect Europe with Africa, since it will allow the integration into the European system of renewable energy, mainly photovoltaic, derived from the ambitious plan of development of solar energy that Morocco has, which will produce the consequent reduction of the marginal price of electricity in the Spanish market.


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