September 30, 2020

Spain already has 28,572 infected and 1,720 deaths from the coronavirus

The Prime Minister has informed the communities that the state of alarm is extended for 15 more days

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, had already advanced that the next few days will be the hardest of the crisis. This is indicated by the numbers of infections and deaths from the coronavirus, which already affect 28,572 people in our country and the number of deaths stands at 1,720 (394 more than yesterday). As reported by the department headed by Salvador Illa, there are also 1,785 patients in the ICU and 2,575 patients have already recovered.

In the Community of Madrid the cases continue to increase very significantly, since there are 9,702 positives, which is 781 more than yesterday. A total of 1,021 people have died from Covid-19 and 834 patients remain admitted to the ICU.

In Catalonia, there are already 4,704 affected, which represents 501 more than yesterday. The number of people who have lost their lives amounts to 191 and 298 are in intensive care.

In the Basque Country, the virus continues to hit hard. The total number of infected reaches 2-097 (372 more than in the previous data). There are 988 hospitalized, of which 81 are in the ICU. A total of 97 people have died from the pandemic.

Castilla-La Mancha has seen positives increase by 396, to 1,819 cases. There have been 12 more deaths in the region and 76 patients are in the ICU. In Castilla y León there are 1,744 confirmed, with 74 deceased and 106 in the ICU. In Andalusia, the sixth most affected community, there are 1,725 ​​cases and 47 deaths.

The Valencian Community has registered 241 new positives and 19 more deceased since Saturday. In total, the positives in autonomy amount to 1,604, while 69 people have died, 23 of them in nursing homes. This was indicated this Sunday by the Minister of Universal Health, Ana Barceló, in her daily appearance to report on the situation of the coronavirus in the Valencian Community. Of the 241 new infections registered in the last hours, 30 have been detected in the province of Castellón, 58 in Alicante and 152 in Valencia, while one is unassigned.

Pedro Sánchez has already confirmed to the regional presidents something that was an open secret, he will extend the alarm for at least another 15 days. The Prime Minister has announced this Sunday the decision of the Executive, which will require the authorization of Congress, according to the Constitution, at the beginning of his speech during the videoconference that he maintains with the presidents of the autonomous communities and cities to deal with the crisis of the coronavirus.

The extension of the alarm state will coincide with the beginning of the Easter week: April 12 is Easter Sunday.


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