July 25, 2021

Spain allocates more than 15 million euros to assist nationals in Venezuela

Spain allocates more than 15 million euros to assist nationals in Venezuela

The Government of Spain has allocated more than 15 million euros to assist its nationals in Venezuela, a country that is going through a severe political and economic crisis, said today the Spanish ambassador in Caracas, Jesús Silva Fernández.

Silva Fernandez explained that the resources are used for the payment of pensions and other social plans, in the middle of a speech for the National Holiday of Spain, which is held every October 12.

The ambassador, who said that "serving the Spanish community" is the "main priority" of the diplomatic delegation that presides over Caracas, added that there is "a great image of the Venezuelan in Spain," which "makes us worry about what what happens in Venezuela. "

"It also makes Spaniards feel what happens in Venezuela as something of their own, that what goes wrong hurts us and what goes well we are happy," he said.

The Venezuelan economic crisis, which is expressed in scarcity and hyperinflation, has caused the exodus of more than 2.3 million Venezuelans, according to UN data.

Silva Fernandez said today that many of these "brave" migrants have chosen Spain, where "they are starring stories of personal and professional success that reinforce every day the great image that has the Venezuelan in Spain."

"That is why sometimes, without any intention of interference, we have to express our opinion when something seems to be wrong because Venezuela is part of the essence of Spain, just as Spain is part of Venezuela," he added.

He also said that "Spain understands that there can only be a peaceful, dialogued and democratic solution" to the crisis, and recalled that this nation "has worked hard to make possible an agreement between Venezuelans that allows them to live in peace, in a democracy and with full respect for their rights. "

Last January, relations between Spain and Venezuela became blurred following the sanctions agreed by the EU against seven high-ranking Venezuelan officials.

On the 25th of that month, the Venezuelan government declared the Spanish ambassador in Caracas Jesús Silva ungrateful for the "continuous attacks and recurrent acts of interference" of the government of Spain in the affairs of Venezuela, and gave him a period of 72 hours to leave the country.

The next day the Spanish government did the same with the ambassador of Venezuela in Madrid, Mario Isea.

But the relations between the two states were reconstituted last April with the return of the ambassadors "on the basis of respect, dialogue" and communication, as both countries reported at the time.


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