Spain adds more than 31,000 new infections and the incidence reaches 537 cases

The accumulated incidence in Spain climbs again this day and already stands at 537 cases. In the last 24 hours, Health has registered more than 31,000 cases of coronavirus. In total, the country has registered 4.1 million infections since the pandemic began. The autonomous communities with the most contagions are, in this order: Catalonia with 9,635, Madrid with 4,067, Andalusia with 3,485 and Comunitat Valenciana with 2,534.

Hospitalizations, another value to take into account, continue to rise. In total, there are 5,056 hospitalized COVID-19 patients and 4.22% of beds occupied by coronavirus. Notably, there are 872 people in intensive care for the infection.

On this day, 12 deaths with coronavirus have been reported.

How is the epidemic evolving now?

Evolution of the cases and deaths reported, those hospitalized and those admitted to the ICU each day and the variation in the last 7 days

Source: Ministry of Health

The communities with the worst cumulative incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days are, in this order: Catalonia with 1,160 cases, Navarra with 863 cases, Castilla y León with 862 cases and Aragon with 646 cases.

With infections soaring, especially among the youngest, some communities have requested this week to re-establish curfews in their territories in order to control the contagion at the points where the infection continues to advance. This Friday, Justice has authorized in Catalonia Y Cantabria the curfews they had requested, thus joining the Valencian Community.

The large number of infections has also begun to impact hospitals. The toilets speak: “It’s like reliving last summer”. It is true that thanks to vaccination the proportion is still lower.

And some important news: The Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona has successfully performed the first lung transplant in Spain a patient with COVID-19 damage who was admitted to intensive care for 127 days.

Spain exceeds 50 million doses administered against COVID-19

Source: Ministry of Health (data updated to )

Spain has exceeded 50 million doses administered against the coronavirus this Friday. In total, 61.2% of the population, this is more than 29 million people, already have at least one injection. In addition, 49.3% of Spaniards already have the complete guideline, this is more than 23 million people.

In the last 24 hours, 653,000 vaccines against the coronavirus have been injected.

Almost seven months after the start of the vaccination campaign around the world, Spain enters the select group of countries with the most vaccinations in the world. Specifically, only 20 countries have administered more than 103 doses per 100 inhabitants. Here we tell you a little more.


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