Spain adds 84,287 coronavirus infections in its worst weekend of the pandemic and the incidence skyrockets to touch 700 cases

The Ministry of Health has notified 84,287 coronavirus infections this Monday since Friday. After a week of highs, this new data marks the worst record in a weekend after the start of the pandemic, after the 61,422 cases last Monday. On this day, the health authorities have registered 455 more deaths. Since the beginning of the health crisis, 2,336,451 people have been infected in Spain and 53,769 have died.

The incidence of the virus in Spain continues to explode. This day, this indicator has climbed more than 100 points since Friday and stands at 689 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. In the previous balance it was 575, but a week ago it was 435.6 cases.

By communities, the ones that have reported the most new infections to Health are Andalusia, with 16,694; Comunitat Valenciana, with 13,079; Catalunya, with 13,024; Madrid, with 8,975; and Castilla y León, with 6,294. If we talk about incidence, three communities already exceed 1,000 cases. They are Castilla-La Mancha (1,006), Murcia (1,081) and Extremadura (1,383) and only one, the Canary Islands, with 174.5, has figures below 250. Above this incidence, the health authorities consider the situation as of "extreme risk".

There are currently 23,184 people admitted with coronavirus, representing 18.6% of occupied beds. The percentage is much higher in the case of ICU beds, where it already reaches 32.7, with 3,287 patients admitted. The situation is especially serious in the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Madrid and La Rioja, where it exceeds 40% and in the Valencian Community, above 50%.

This data is known the same day that some Communities release or announce new restrictions. This is the case of Madrid, where this Monday advance the curfew at 23 hours, non-essential establishments are closed at 10 pm and it is recommended to reduce social gatherings to cohabiting people. Furthermore, 20% of the population lives in one of the 47 basic health areas with restrictions on mobility.

In Castilla-La Mancha, President Emiliano García-Page has called for a "home withdrawal", has confined all its municipalities and has decreed the closure of the hotel business at 10 pm, when the curfew is advanced from this midnight. Euskadi is another of the communities that has extended restrictions, in this case to 15 more municipalities, which, together with the 17 that already were, are confined and without hospitality.

The Minister of Territorial Policy Carolina Darias has advanced this morning the intention to debate in the Interterritorial Council this Wednesday a modification of the alarm decree that allows communities to extend the curfew. A measure that Castilla y León has already implemented, despite the refusal of Health and the Government, which has taken it to court.

The Minister of Health Salvador Illa already showed this weekend against both decreeing a home confinement and modifying the decree to extend the hours of curfews. A refusal on which he insisted this Monday in an interview on laSexta: "With the strategy that already worked in October we can bend the wave."


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