Spain adds 31,171 new infections and 27 deaths while the incidence rate rises to 677 cases

The incidence of coronavirus continues to rise in Spain. This Friday, it is at 677 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for the last 14 days, which is an increase compared to yesterday’s 659. This AI maintains its upward trend in all communities except Asturias and Catalonia.

The data continues to be over a thousand cases in the youngest age groups. Within this group, the group that is most affected is those between the ages of 20 and 29, where it scores 1,883 points. It is followed by those who go from 12 to 19, whose AI is 1,623 and later, there are those who have between 30 and 39, where the incidence is 891.

All in a day in which the Ministry of Health has registered 31,171 new cases of coronavirus, a rise compared to yesterday’s 29,535, which brings the total number of infections in Spain confirmed by test since March 2020 to 4,280,429.

At the national level, Catalonia is the community that adds the most infections, although they fall compared to the day before. It has reported 5,925 compared to 7,045 the day before. After it, Andalusia has added 5,714 cases, Madrid, 4,809, and the Valencian Community, 2,913. On the other side are Ceuta, which adds 22, Melilla (26) and La Rioja (304).

Regarding the deceased, the health authorities have added 27 new ones. Of them, 92 have died in the last seven days. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 81,221 deaths.

How is the epidemic evolving now?

Evolution of the cases and deaths reported, those hospitalized and those admitted to the ICU each day and the variation in the last 7 days

Source: Ministry of Health

Those admitted to hospitals continue to rise: this Friday there are 7,955 people, which is a rise of 337 compared to the day before. Of these, 1,292 need treatment in intensive care units. Precisely these ICUs are at 40% occupancy in Catalonia, the only region in the country that exceeds that threshold. After her, is Melilla, with 17.65%. In the last 24 hours, there have been 1,335 admissions and 983 discharges of COVID patients in these centers.

30.5 million Spaniards already have a dose

More than 30.5 million people in Spain already have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, this is 64.3% of the population. 53.5% of the population already has the complete guideline against infection, in fact, yesterday there were more than 25 million fully immunized people.

Source: Ministry of Health (data updated to )

In total, 569,988 coronavirus vaccines have been injected in the last 24 hours. By age group, 84.9% of people over 40 have already received the complete vaccination schedule, that is, almost 23 million people.

The communities that vaccinate the most in percentage terms are Andalusia (98.6%), Asturias (99.6%), Galicia (97.7%) and Navarra (96.1%). Madrid, which for weeks barely exceeded the 90% figure, has managed to inject 94.6% of the vaccines received.

In addition, Health has recognized this morning that “everything indicates” that a third booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will have to be administered.


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