February 28, 2021

Spain achieves 19.8 million jobs by climbing at 333,800 between April and June

Madrid, July 25 (EFECOM) .- The number of employees increased by 333,800 people during the second quarter of the year, to 19,804,900 workers, thus achieving employment figures that were not reached since 2008.

According to the Survey on Active Population (EPA), published Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the number of unemployed decreased by 123,600 people and stood at 3,230,600 unemployed -minimum also since the end of 2008-, which reduced the unemployment rate by 67 cents, leaving it at 14.02%.

The increase in employment was higher than the decline in unemployment because the active population increased by 210,200 people, to 23,035,500 people, so that the activity rate rose to 58.74% of the Spanish population.

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