January 23, 2021

Spaces to let creativity fly

Spaces to let creativity fly


Creative leisure is experiencing a moment of expansion and there are many people who seek to develop themselves through crafts. Given this opportunity in the market of an existing and booming demand was born two years ago Milbby, pioneer in Spain in large establishments dedicated to the world of crafts. Carlos Rufat, his founding partner, decided to start after his stint as head of retail at Imaginarium. "It is a physical and digital space where you find products and training," explains Rufat himself. Until the appearance of Milbby "customers had to find the right store for each hobby and Milbby put at your disposal a space of 600 square meters," he adds. In total they are 18,000 references of articles that cover all types of hobbies: oil, watercolor, acrylic, markers, lettering, clay, pretty stationery, decoupage, handicrafts with sand, paper crafts, jewelery, scrapbooking, etc …

Carlos Rufat recognizes that at the time of launching the business there was uncertainty about how it would work but they have registered a continuous growth and many of their clients "come back, buy, communicate it. The average time spent in the store is 35 minutes, which shows that they are interested and comfortable ". After the first store opened in the Rivas Futura Commercial Park (Madrid) opened a second in the shopping center intu Port Venice (Saragossa). The goal for this 2019 "is to open three more stores and in the following years continue with the expansion to cover the national territory," the founder advances. At first the location they are looking for is that of a store within a shopping center but they are not closed to other possibilities such as an urban store.

Integrated model

Rufat clarifies that the project encompasses both the physical store and online, "both are part of the model in which they are integrated." The online store allows them to create content and physical proximity with the customer, in addition to betting on training. «The combination of physical and online store is the way of the future», highlights the entrepreneur. In 2018 they invoiced 1.8 million euros, with 30 employees, and for 2019, with the new openings, expect a 250% growth.

In these spaces they perform different types of activities. On the one hand, weekend workshops, two hours, with specific topics, and second, courses that last all year. 85% of its clients is a female audience, focused mainly between 25 and 65 years old.

In terms of trends, Rufat highlights that of the world of sewing, "not to repair but to create", as well as that of home decoration. It also increases the interest for "scrapbooking", the art of creating, archiving and decorating our photographs and memories in the form of an album or scrapbook. The Internet is helping this new resurgence in Spain of the crafts and manages to make many people lose the fear of getting started in any of these hobbies.


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