January 23, 2021

SpaceHey, the new social network inspired by MySpace

SpaceHey, the new social network.

SpaceHey, the new social network.

A student has created a new social network called SpaceHey, which seeks to recover the original design of MySpace, which was first released about 20 years ago.

An, an 18-year-old student who claims to miss MySpace, has announced the creation of the new social network SpaceHey, with which users can create their own custom profile, follow friends and write blog posts.

Despite the fact that the young student was only two years old when he used MySpace, An affirms that he has done a lot of research on the social network and that nowadays there is no comparable ‘online’ space to MySpace from 2005 to 2008.

For that reason, the student has created SpaceHey this month, as a “space for friends” in which “create a profile, send and receive messages, upload images, create groups and more”. “Let’s face it, this is 2020. It’s a tough year. We all deserve a bit of fun and nostalgia for better times,” An said through Product Hunt.

SpaceHey’s interface is quite simple and the social network has different sections, including a blog entry page, although others such as groups, events and videos will be added in the future.


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