July 9, 2020

Southwest and American Air Lines do not have to operate with the Max until March

The Southwest Airlines company will eliminate all Boeing 737 Max aircraft from its flight schedule until March 6, which will delay the return of the plane for longer than any other American airline, while American Airlines will do the same until March 5 .

Southwest previously said that it should leave this model on the ground until February 8, while American Airlines had cut 737 Max in its flight schedule until January 15.

The decision comes when the Southwest Airlines flight attendants union considers suing Boeing for lost wages as a result of the prolonged grounding of the 737 Max.

The airline's pilots already sued Boeing last month because they understand that there are 100 million dollars in lost wages due to the situation.

The Southwest Airlines fleet consists entirely of Boeing 737 and has had to cancel thousands of flights as a result of the grounding.

It is the largest customer of these planes in the US and he has 34 in his fleet with 200 more orders at the time when the air authorities made the decision not to allow the Max to fly after the two fatal accidents.

Boeing was put under more pressure at the end of October after documents emerged detailing that engineers expressed concern about the faulty 737 Max MCAS flight control system before the two accidents, which killed a total of 346 people.

American Air Lines also said that any customer who has previously booked a flight on a 737 Max until March 4 will have their reservation updated.

The accidents of Lion Air flights 610, in October 2018, and Ethiopian 302, this past March, have caused a crisis in the aeronautical company, which has interrupted deliveries of the 737 MAX aircraft, vetoed in the air spaces of virtually everyone and that has altered the operations of numerous airlines.

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