March 7, 2021

Southeast Asian stock markets close the day with mixed results

The main stock exchanges of Southeast Asia ended the day today with mixed results; in the cases of Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Manila they did so with profits, while the parks of Singapore, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh had losses.

After a day of gains, the region's stock markets have resented after data on the slowdown in economic growth in June were made public and enthusiasm about the truce of the US-China trade war declined, according to the report. analysts

In Singapore, the Stock Exchange fell 1.46 points, 0.04 percent, and the composite indicator Straits Times closed at 3,370.80 integers.

In Indonesia, the Stock Exchange of Jakarta rose 5.21 points, 0.08 percent, and the JCI index ended at 6.384,90 units.

In Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange advanced 7.38 points, 0.44 percent, and the selective KLCI finished at 1,691.00 whole.

In Thailand, the Bangkok Stock Exchange fell by 8.68 points, down 0.50 percent, and the SET index ended with 1,732.23 units.

In the Philippines, the Manila Stock Exchange grew 49.89 points, 0.62 percent, and the selective PSEi stood at 8,093.60 points.

In Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh Exchange (former Saigon) fell 3.63 points or 0.38 percent and the VN index closed the session at 961.98.

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