April 16, 2021

Southampton fans expelled for mocking the death of Emiliano Sala

Southampton fans expelled for mocking the death of Emiliano Sala

In the Premiere League match between Southampton and Cardiff City, the club for which the Argentine striker had signed, there were some unfortunate images from two fans of the local team.

During the minute of silence that took place during the meeting, two fans of Southampton made fun of the accident of the soccer player imitating the movements of an airplane, referring to the tragic death of the soccer player after dropping his plane into the English Channel. The English club has banned the entry of any of these two fans to the ST for life. Mary's, stadium in which the events took place.

Many of the spectators who were watching the game recriminated the attitude of the two fans. The security of the stadium identified the authors of the mockery and proceeded to the immediate expulsion. The British club said in a statement that, "Southampton confirms the arrest of two fans during our match against Cardiff, the club will continue to work with Hampshire Police to identify any individual who has had indecent gestures with supporters of the Cardiff: This behavior does not take place in our games and will not be tolerated in St. Mary's, the club will carry out a firm adhesion against those involved and will try to prohibit the entry of these fans. "

For its part, EA Sports has withdrawn both the FIFA 19 game and the FIFA Ultimate Team cards, the figure of Emiliano Sala due to the disrespectful attitude of some players after the death of the player. In January, EA Sports studio community manager Gabriel Zaro announced on his Twitter account that the player's FUT package price would be reduced to avoid speculation with the sale of his cards.

This decision has been transmitted to users through an official statement in the same game in which the company explains that "to make sure we honor their legacy in the best possible way, we will take the following actions: Emiliano Sala will be removed from the FC Nantes in FIFA, the FUT articles of Emiliano Sala will no longer be available in packages, the price range of the FUT articles of Emiliano will be permanently set at its current value ".


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