South Korean pop band BTS takes an indefinite break | Culture

The South Korean pop band BTS will take its first big break after six years of activity. The representatives of the group announced on Sunday that the seven members of the group will enjoy an indefinite period of absence of the scenarios to "recharge energy and [in a time] introduce yourself as musicians and creators again. "Since it was founded in 2013, BTS has led the new wave of Korean pop and has achieved the milestone that three of his albums will progressively occupy, in a period of just 11 months, the first place from the Billboard 200 list, which features the best-selling hits every week in the United States, this year they also received a Grammy nomination.

In the note announcing the decision, the group's representatives ask for "consideration" to all those fans that could "meet casually" with any of the seven members of BTS. "The band will return fresh and with recharged energy to return all the love you feel and continue to show you," says Big Hit Entertainment in the statement. The record company also specifies that the last concert that the group gives before the break is that of last Sunday in their country. This break will allow them to "enjoy, albeit briefly, their lives of young twenties." The message also indicates that they will spend this time separately.

BTS is the band that has sold the most albums in the world in the last year and a half, with more than eight million copies, and is spearhead of the huge global influence of K-Pop, a genre that combines rap influences, pop, hip pop or rhythm and blues. The video of your song Kill This Love got to be the one more reproductions he has achieved in his first 24 hours Issue: 56.7 million His rapid rise is also supported by documentary films, the last one, Bring the Soul: The Movie, which premiered on August 7 in halls around the planet. In Spain it exceeded in just two days the 25,000 spectators.

The K-Pop is a billionaire industry within entertainment from the Asian country that has not been exempt from some scandals that have shown their worst face. Jung Joon-young and Seungri, two of the most prominent figures of the genre, announced last March their withdrawal from the entertainment world after being involved in different sexual controversies. The first of them confessed to having recorded without authorization the sex he had with several women and Seungri is being investigated for alleged criminal links with prostitution networks.


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