August 3, 2020

South Korea reports slight spike in cases due to church outbreak

South Korea today reported 84 new cases of coronavirus, ten more than the day before, as an outbreak appeared in a church near Seoul.

With the 84 cases detected on Monday, South Korea adds 8,320 infections, of which 6,838 are active taking into account the 1,401 medical discharges (264 granted that day) and the 81 deaths linked to the pathogen (six of them occurred the day before). .

Despite the increase, South Korea, which became the second country on the planet most affected by the coronavirus, has significantly reduced the number of new infections in the last ten days and for the third consecutive day reported less than 100.

Of Monday’s 84 cases, only 37 were reported in what has been South Korea’s biggest focus, the city of Daegu, about 230 kilometers southeast of Seoul, and the surrounding North Gyeongsang province.

For the first time since February 18, the southeast focus (which concentrates 87% of all national infections and is linked to the Christian Shincheonji sect) is not the point in the country that registers the majority of new infections.

It was in the capital region, where more than half of the South Korean population, about 26 million people, resided, where more new cases were detected on Monday, 44.

In Seoul there were 12 and in the city of Incheon a positive was registered.

The bulk of new infections were in Gyeonggi province, with 31 infections, most apparently linked to the outbreak in a Protestant church in the sleeping city of Seongnam (980,000 inhabitants).

This church is the source of at least 50 infections in Gyeonggi and Seoul.

The persistent appearance around the community hub capital prompted South Korean President Moon Jae-in to stress the importance of reinforcing containment measures in the region yesterday.

For his part, the Deputy Minister of Health, Kim Gang-lip, said today that the Government needs “in-depth debate” before deciding whether or not to ban religious-type meetings, which have been a persistent source of contagion since the pathogen spread. first detected in the country in January.

Faced with the increase in positives of people who have entered South Korea from other countries, Kim also said, quoted by the Yonhap news agency, that as of Thursday everyone who comes from abroad will have to undergo “special measures “, without needing more details at the moment.


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