South Korea posts worst case rebound since April 5

A new outbreak at a logistics center outside Seoul is bringing the worst spike in infections since April 5 in South Korea, which reported 79 new infections today.

Of the 79 new cases detected on Wednesday, 68 are local infections and 54 of them correspond to the outbreak that mainly affects workers in a commercial warehouse located in the dormitory city of Bucheon, southwest of the capital.

In total, there are 69 infections related to this outbreak detected for the first time on Tuesday at this warehouse of the country's largest e-commerce company, Coupang.

Vice Minister of Health, Kim Gang-lip, said today at a press conference that the Government assumes that the number of positives linked to the Bucheon outbreak "will increase" as more tests are carried out on individuals at risk and that There is "great concern" due to the contagion rate of this focus.

Authorities have identified 4,159 people who work on the ship, visited it or had direct contact with any of its workers, and hopes to have tested all of them for today (it has already carried out more than 3,400 diagnostic tests).

Kim has asked citizens of the region around Seoul, where some 26 million people live (more than half of the national population), to avoid all "non-essential gatherings" and to stay at home as long as possible .

The 79 positives identified on Wednesday represent the worst record for South Korea since last April 5, 53 days ago, when it reported 81 positives, the vast majority linked to the outbreak around the city of Daegu (southeast), now controlled .

In total, the Asian country, one of the ones that has best controlled the pandemic so far thanks to its exhaustive tracking system, massive testing and contact isolation, totals 11,344 infections, of which only 735 (6.5% ) are active cases.

91.1% of those infected have already been cured, while 269 have died, leaving a fatality rate of 2.37%.


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