South Korea now prohibits access to foreigners who have been in Hubei

South Korea prohibits since Tuesday the entry of foreigners who have recently been in the Chinese province of Hubei, epicenter of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, to prevent the increase in the number of infections in its territory.

Since midnight, this restriction, unprecedented and announced last Sunday, applies to any foreigner who has been in Hubei, where Wuhan is, epicenter of the viral outbreak, in the last 14 days, maximum incubation period of the pathogen.

Foreigners who want to embark on a flight to South Korea must previously verify that they have not been in the region within the aforementioned period and upon landing they must submit a detailed questionnaire to the operation arranged since this midnight at the airports of the country, as explained by the South Korean government

If officials (members of the airport quarantine centers and officials of the Ministry of Health) detect false information, they will proceed to deport the offenders.

In turn, the mechanisms to pass through immigration control have tightened for flights from China, whose passengers, in addition to confirming that they have not visited Hubei, must undergo an examination to detect fever or other symptoms and facilitate their number of mobile phone.

Officers must then confirm that the contact number is correct and only once verified is a pass-through issued that allows them to pass through passport control.

In any case, this last control system implies a smaller deployment than expected given the large number of routes with China that South Korean airlines have suspended in recent days, where today a sixteenth case of virus transmission was confirmed, which has already left 426 dead and more than 20,000 infected in 27 countries.

The sixteenth case of contagion in South Korea is a South Korean who was recently on vacation in Thailand.


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